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Project Sinethemba Extra Class Room

More room for babies

Dynamic, well managed, good quality care and education. Inspirational. Financially sound. This daycare centre flourishes. Given the high demand for daycare for babies, this next step seems only logical 3 years after moving to its present location.

The architect did her utmost to expand it to the max while keeping the costs down. The result is an additional classroom that blends in nicely with the rest. Constructed 2nd half of 2017 – with a finishing touch by a group of Dutch volunteers in November – for a new group as of January 2018.

The extra classroom ( above in purple ) will accommodate an extra toddler group of approximately 30 children

Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese Foundation)

Stichting Wilde Ganzen stated it again will provide financial support by supplementing all fundraising activities from 1 May u.i. December 2017 with a 50% mark up.  Your Euro, Rand or Dollar will be increased automatically by 50% and this helps a lot !