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B&M Tour KerkKids 2015

A group of youngsters from the evangelical community in Bilthoven returned to the Netherlands after a week of hard work. They are full of enthusiasm.

Rinze writes on the last day of the trip: “I think I am speaking for the whole group when I tell you that we have had a great time. I have seen two faces of one city. It made a big impression on me and I’ve noticed that the others were quite affected as well. Especially on the first Sunday, the first contact with Wallacedene township and, later on the same day, climbing Table Mountain, were very typical for this city. We saw the most vulnerable and the most beautiful of the city in one day.”

This is the second time that a group of youngsters from Bilthoven has gone to Cape Town to help with the construction of a childcare centre. This time they have worked on Grace Duko’s Sinethemba centre. These church kids have been very busy collecting funds for their trip. 

One of the preparations was a sponsor run from Beekse Bergen Zoo to Bilthoven. The first participant left at 8 pm on September 11th and through the night, through forests and along roads, one person ‘did’ 10 kms of running. At 1 pm the next day they arrived at the Julianaschool in Bilthoven. The whole town participated and it was all very festive. On Saturday there was a braai and on Sunday there was a church service in the open air, to which all children could bring their pets.