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Beyond giving

Mzamomhle Foundation helps improve childcare centres in townships near Cape Town, SA. Adequate daily care of children is an important prerequisite for the development of children, whilst their parents can work and build a life. By doing so they create a better future for themselves, their children and indeed the community as a whole.

A better connection to elementary education

Apart from a roof over their heads, the children will receive descent meals, education, medical care and will be better prepared for the next step; primary school. For a lot of us ostensibly basic, but for children in townships not at all self-evident.

Good and financially independent childcare centres

Education and medical care are in short supply. We are convinced people like Margaret Ngaleka, Sandra Lucas and ‘Amazing’ Grace Duko are highly capable of starting their own initiatives. We however also learned that their efforts alone are not sufficient to realise a good and financially independent childcare centre. Support may be needed to ‘Bridge the Gap’. A descent, well equipped building, pre-school (grade R) education, and making the centre financially sustainable is a must. Our local partners know how and provide the necessary boots on the ground. Language, culture (including barriers), the fact that we are 10.000 kilometers away makes it imperative that they are on board, or better: in the lead.