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Lisa Educare – in Bloekombos (Kraaifontein)

  • Lisa Educare is a CECD partner
  • We are supporting a project for a new facility for Lisa Educare
  • Lisa is headed by Noronte Noro, the principal, for over 10 years
  • The organization bought new land to extend and improve it’s current operation – from 61 to 125 children
  • Our support includes design and partial funding for:
    – A new building
    – Training for (extra) staff
    – Registration and access to WC Provincial subsidies for a sustainable future

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Sinethemba – in Wallacedene (Kraaifontein)

  • The Foundation’s third project
  • Our local partner (CECD) proposed Grace Duko’s childcare centre to us
  • Grace headed this centre for over 15 years
  • The centre was already certified in 2010
  • Grace’s NPO bought the erf on which the building was erected
  • A new building was necessary because the old building didn’t comply with ECD regulations 
  • The new building accommodates 125 children (iso 79 at the previous location)
  • The building is in use since 2015

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Two-year-project for education of the team

Two childcare centres in Wallacedene and one in Mfuleni are currently up and running. There are many more centres in the close vicinity and a couple of them are part of the Kraaifontein ECD forum. The Mzamomhle Foundation is aimed at the realisation of buildings, but a solid building isn’t an end in itself. It is a means (and a prerequisite) to elevate childcare to the desired level. Together with CECD, our South African partner, and SPZA, a Dutch sister organisation that supports promising initiatives in the field of education, we have started with the execution of a two-year-plan to help realise this. Both Margaret’s and Grace’s childcare centre and other centres that are part of the ECD forum and can make use of it. The contents and goals for the first year of the programme can be found here.

Mza’Momhledaycare in Wallacedene township

  • During a volunteer trip 2006 first encounter with Margaret Ngaleka
  • She runs the centre in a poorly equipped and built accommodation
  • Re-accommodating
  • Margaret became the first objective of the Foundation
  • A stone building came with risks because the owner of the soil underneath was unknown
  • First, a temporary accommodation was set up with sea containers, a short-term solution
  • This was replaced by a stone building on a definitive location in 2012

Now our focus lies with the amelioration of care, education and the centre’s financial independence. Read more >

Mfuleni Centre for Early Childhood Development, in Mufleni township

  • The second project, a childcare centre led by Sandra Lucas
  • Level of care and education were already satisfactory
  • Accommodation was the focus of our attention
  • She had to leave her erf in 2010 and is temporarily using a different one
  • Together with the municipality of the city of Cape Town she has found a permanent location
  • Possibility for sustained accommodationPart of the Early Childhood development programme of the city of Cape Town