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It all started with

a Brick & Mortar tour for Habitat for Humanity to South Africa in 2006 when we ran into the childcare centre of Margaret Ngaleka in Wallacedene (Kraaifontein).

Margaret at that time cared for over eighty children in the ages of zero to six years old since 1996, nurtured and nourished them and provided basic education to help the children to link up to the elementary school programme. At the same time, the childcare centre makes it possible for the parents to look for jobs in Cape Town, as there are almost none in the township itself.

The children are literally kept of the streets, a place where they would usually get in contact with the seamy side of society at a very early age: malnourishment, neglect, crime, drugs and violence.

The childcare centre copes with the ‘usual’ problems: too many children in too small a space, a few toys and limited educational materials.

A better future

This is where the idea was born to support the women and the children of the Mza’Momhle Educare centre in their battle for a better future and to try break the vicious cycle of poverty, unemployment and violence.

All this has resulted in setting up the Mzamomhle Foundation (2008). It supports projects in the field of childcare, education, care and livelihood.


We are off-course not alone. We partner with, among others, the Centre for Early Childhood Development, – linked to the University of Cape Town -, South African citizens and compagnies, a numbers of Dutch NOG’s and several Dutch organizations for childcare. We are very grateful for their input and everlasting support.

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