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Welcome to our world

Mzamomhle Foundation supports sustainable initiatives in childcare and education in townships around Cape Town, SA.

Mzamomhle is a NGO based in the Netherlands and in South-Africa

What do we do?

  • Help improve the quality of (day)care, housing and preschool education
  • Share knowledge and experience 
  • Provide staff training
  • Help access WC Provincial subsidies for a sustainable future
  • Continued involvement after financial independency

Read more about our Foundation and our Projects 

Foppe de Haan
Public Benefit OrganisationCBF 
Certified Charity

watch the video: a workable model for childcare in South Africa
Read more about our projects

Support Mzamomhle

Individuals, companies and NGO’s participate in fundraising activities for Mzamomhle. If you are keen to participate please join us. Gifts are Tax Deductible and upgrade your BEE rating. Kindly contact us at